You know how awesome things start at very random moments? Well, that’s the story behind this little project of ours. Tired of the monotonous corporate life, the three of us decided it’s time to do something different. Let’s face it, attending a business school doesn’t quite fall under the ‘fun’ category except for the Saturday nights we spend together just chilling and hanging out. Before this post becomes lengthy, allow us to say something a little about ourselves.

Here are some things you ought to know about Hans. First and foremost, he’s a fan boy. His love affair with comic books started when he was in high school. And this paved the way to other geeky stuff like collecting action figures and watching animes. Second, he is an adrenaline junkie. His thirst for thrills also started during his adolescent years when he learned how to ride a skateboard. Nowadays, he surfs “occasionally” and always looks for adventures on his travels. Third, he is a big fan of Rock and Blues. He plays drums and bass guitar every Sunday at church. Hans believes in the saying “With great power comes great responsibility” that’s why he’s been keeping a low profile since he was a child, even though he can fly and lift heavy things. And I mean really heavy things.

Hans will mostly write about movies, arts & literature, comic books and other nerdy stuff. He currently works in one of the leading food groups in the Philippines as an Internal Communication Specialist.

Not much of a talker himself, Jeff enjoys being surrounded by friends and listening to their candid stories. A fan of comedy shows who loves to laugh whether it is by watching his favorite TV series or movies. He’s also a frustrated musician who likes to listen and play music in his pastime. His love for music spans different genres from pop, blues and rap but he listens mostly to alternative and indie rock. Being a mediocre guitar player who loves playing in bands, one of his dreams is to experience that rock star kind of lifestyle. He wishes.

This will be Jeff’s first attempt at writing and sharing stuff on music, TV shows, food, tech stuff, etc. where he’ll write reviews, recommendations and general thoughts on what’s cool and what’s not in these fields. Jeff currently works in a professional service center for an investment bank as a Business Analyst.

A self-confessed repressed romantic, Faye takes pleasure in sitting in a quiet corner and getting lost in the world of prose where anything and everything are possible. Her love for books started at a young age when her parents collected several encyclopaedias for kids that are now considered to be Jurassic. Her taste in books varies but she tends to like stories about unrequited and lost love. Not that she can relate. Some of her favourite writers are F. Sionil Jose, Jessica Zafra (both are local authors), Haruki Murakami and Paolo Coelho. She’s also a big fan of music and will never step out of the house without her iPod on.

Faye will now be required to read more than the usual to be able to write something in this tiny little web space. No complains though. Occasionally, she’ll also write about music and other stuff that she finds interesting enough. Her current daytime job is a Media Planner for one of the biggest beauty brands here in the Philippines.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Stumbled across your site. Love it. Seriously well done. Being a Comix fan, my first novel, which I am self publishing this month is about a graphic novelist and the opening of a Graphic Novel art gallery. Stoked to check back on your site often. S.D. Cranston
    P.S. “With great power comes great responsibility” – words to live by.

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