Book Review: 50 Shades of Grey

We apologize for the lack of updates in our little web space. The three of us have been extremely busy with work and had to submit a lot of requirements in school for our finals. Talk about multi-tasking!

With so many stuff going on, I found it hard to do other things and that includes reading new books. However, while I was browsing through Twitter a couple of weeks ago, a very scandalous headline about a book dubbed as “Mommy Porn” had caught my attention. Hmm. I clicked on the link and read further. That’s when I discovered the independently published book titled “50 Shades of Grey”, first installment of the 5o Shades Triology written by E L James. I instantly loaded a copy in my Kindle and got hooked after reading the first few chapters.

Fifty Shades’ plot is nothing sort of extraordinary, really. In fact, it started out as a Twilight fan fiction that later on became a different title with more or less the same elements sans the sparkly man and emotionless chick. Anastasia Steele, a college senior, took a place of a friend in interviewing one of the most eligible and dashing bachelors in the city, Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. Forget about love, it was sexual tension at first touch. And the chase begins! Well, there was really not much of a chase. Think of the book as Twilight with sex. Lots of it.

What made it even more controversial is the fetish that comes with the sex. BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) was thoroughly explored by the author in this book. It was quite an eye-opening experience for someone conservative like myself. I didn’t realize there are tons of technical things involved in this kind of setting. Very kinky stuff, I tell you. For the record, I will never think of the word “Vanilla” the same way again. Ever. Setting the plot aside, it was more of a sex manual for me than a literary piece. No wonder this is such a hit to surburban moms. Finally, something that can help them spice up their sex lives without the whole world judging them and religous pricks looking down at them.

So do I love it? Let’s just say that this is one of those things you’ll hate yourself for loving like transfat and cheesy 90s pop songs. It’s definitely not a Pulitzer-worthy kind of work but in this world we could all use an escape and this is what exactly it offers. I mean, seriously, what kind of girl wouldn’t want to be with a sophisticated man who knows his wine, drives an Audi and can fly a motherflipping helicopter? And if you ask me, I can totally picture a Freddie Fackelmayer playing Grey (photo below). Too bad he couldn’t act based on his abysmal performance in The City.

So please excuse me now as I go back to reading the second book, 50 Shades Darker. For more information about the books and the author, you can check out


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