The Fuerza Bruta Experience

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I had the privilege of catching Fuerza Bruta last night at Manila Hotel with Hans and a couple of officemates thanks to Fox International Channels. To say that it was quite an experience is definitely an understatement. Prior to the show, I really had no idea on what it is about but the fact that people kept telling me that I should watch it when high or a little hammered made me more interested about the whole thing.

Fuerza Bruta is a show that brings the theater experience to a whole another level by making the audience, who are forced to stand the whole time, more involved with the production. The show started off with a guy walking on a bigger version of a treadmill who seemed lost and confused. He walked aimlessly and began running when he felt some sense of danger until he got shot and that went on for a couple of minutes.

I was already torturing myself by trying to interpret it. Were they trying to show the emptiness that humanity is facing in this age of capitalism? Is this about the frustration of a man who was trying to detach himself from reality? A lot of questions were running inside my head and the show was just even beginning. Little did I know I already was committing the biggest sin in watching Fuerza Bruta because it doesn’t want to tell a story. The experience itself is the story.

Photo Source

What makes Fuerza different is that it appeals to the auditory and visual senses by combining different thumping rave sounds and seemingly pointless actions together that end up creating a beautiful show. If you’re a fan of techno music, you would definitely enjoy the show because the audience are encouraged to dance along to the music. One of the highlights is this suspended pool created from plastic material where four women dive, swim and bend their bodies like mermaids. This pool was then lowered down bringing the experience closer to the audience, which I think worked really well for the boys.

There are several other things that I want to share about the show but no words could ever do justice to the whole Fuerza Bruta experience. For those who are interested, the Manila leg will run up until March 26 at the Manila Hotel and tickets are priced at P2,500. To find out more about the show and tour dates, check out their official website.

PS. Apologies for the lack of original photos. I don’t want to ruin the entry by taking photos from my sucky Blackberry phone.


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