Tech Review: Kindle Touch

Believe me when I say that one of the best feelings here in this world is the smell of a newly purchased book. That sensation when you flip through the first few pages is ineffable. But then you have to admit that sometimes it’s quite inconvenient to bring around a couple of books especially when you already have tons of junk in your bag. Case in point, my bag. Thankfully, the big bosses up there in Amazon heard my plea and bookworms alike thus the creation of their e-reader, the Kindle.

I’ve had my eyes on it since late last year but I was having second thoughts about getting one. I don’t think I can ever give up that organic experience of reading a real book. However, hearing the positive reviews from fellow readers and Kindle-users convinced me otherwise. So after two months, I finally got my Kindle last weekend and the best part is it was a gift from my generous Aunt. Thank you, Universe!

The kind that I got is the Kindle Touch. Now, let’s go to the technical parts first. The Kindle Touch has a 6-inch multi-touch E-ink display and weighs 7 ounces only. It only has two buttons, the home button on the middle and the power button at the bottom. With a memory capacity of 4GB, you can store up to 3,000 books.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways (E. Browning, 1850)

1. One of the things that Amazon boasts about their Kindle is its E-ink technology. Reading the text is just like reading any other normal book sans the paper. And because it has no backlight, eyestrain will not be much of a problem unless you’re reading 24/7.

2. The matte finish of the screen reduces glare which is perfect whenever you’re outside (i.e. pretending to read at the beach but in reality you’re just checking out for boys).

3. Amongst all e-readers (and Kindle types, I think), Kindle Touch is the only one that has the Read-To-Me feature. This enables the device to read the text to you if you’re not really in the mood to read but still want to continue with your book. You can either use your earphones or listen through the built-in speakers at the back.

4. It’s light. I mean, really light. You have no idea how happy I am knowing that I have many books in this tiny device. Totes awesome!

We all know that love affairs such as this are not perfect. Truth to be told, I’m not a fan of touch screens because they have the tendency to get wonky but knowing that this one was given as a gift I don’t think I have the slightest right to even complain. I just want to point out that typing using the screen isn’t really a breeze because, well, of the e-ink. It’s not also ideal to surf the Internet despite having its own browser. After all, it is still under the “experimental” stage. Those two are, I think, my biggest issues so far.

But alas, I’m willing to do something that I find difficult to do in any human relationship: compromise. That being said, I’m very happy with my newest baby and I think I will spend more time with it rather than talk to people and listen to their narcissistic thoughts. Yes to anti-social tendencies!

For more information about the Kindle touch and the whole Kindle family, you can visit

PS. I am this close in purchasing a Kate Spade Kindle cover which is relatively pricey for a gadget accessory. Le sigh.


7 thoughts on “Tech Review: Kindle Touch

  1. Great review, Faye! We actually got Osc’s little sister a Kindle but just the basic one. She enjoys reading a lot and loves her Kindle. But they were quite surprised to see that ebooks were actually priced higher. I told them that one pays for the convenience of not lugging around hard bounds so okay na rin yun.

    So now she’s asking for cash na lang as presents so she can buy more books. Lol!

  2. Hey, nice review..

    I just got my own Kindle last week; can totally identify with what you’re saying reg loving the feel of a paper book, but being swayed by the ease-of-use of the Kindle. 🙂
    Amazon has done such a supreme bit of human-machine engineering, and built a remarkably user-friendly ecosystem around it, that so many (paper) book lovers have transitioned to ebooks in so little time.

    Anyway, just one wee correction – the 2nd Generation Kindle has the text-to-speech feature as well.

    Otherwise, 🙂 review.

  3. Faye, interesting review of the Kindle Touch. My only dealings with the Kindle were with the second generation version. I really enjoyed the E-ink technology and the ease and readability of it. However, I am now hooked on my Nook Color, which I absolutely love, but I think that is only an American thing? Any way, rambling aside, I really enjoyed your review!

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