Tech Review: X-mini Max v1.1 Capsule Speakers

I have been eyeing these little gadgets for quite some time now an i finally got one. It’s the x-mini max v1.1 —stereo capsules variant. These little speakers can pack a punch in terms of sound reproduction, and to hear it coming from their little shells, it makes it even more amazing.

Of course do not expect thumping bass and super crisp mids and highs from the x-mini, it merely provides a decent quality sound with clarity and bass that you can take anywhere you want and use it for your laptops, smartphones or mp3 players — the design itself makes it interesting, the two speakers can be attached to one another through magnets on their bases – thus forming like a cool egg-shaped compact speakers.

These speakers are powered by internal rechargeable batteries that you can charge through the supplied USB cable. I have yet to test the longevity of the batteries but as the product info brags about, they can hold up to 12 hours of music playback from one full charge — seems to be true though, I’ve been using these speakers for hours since I bought them and haven’t had the need to recharge the batteries yet.

[update] I went on a road trip with my friends where we had no stereo in the car, we used these speakers from 2pm in the afternoon until 1am — non-stop. That’s 11 hours of straight playback. Cool.

Click here to view the technical specs!

Not to forget, another cool thing about this product is that you can also attach other x-minis to form a chain of speakers that enhances the quality of the sound, I have tried attaching just one x-mini (mono) and not only did it amplify the loudness, it also added more depth and clarity to the sound.

No need to bring bulky iPod docks or plug-in speakers when you have the x-mini – yes! it saves space and the hassle of finding an outlet when you’re out-of-town, on the beach.. or in the bathroom jamming to some of your favorite music while you’re doing your thing – whatever that may be!


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