Music Review: Ed Sheeran – + (Plus)

[ Artist: Ed Sheeran | Album: + | Year: 2011 | Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Pop ]
Stumbled upon this new singer-songwriter from the UK through 99.5RT where they played the song ‘Lego House’. I immediately searched it on YouTube when I got home and played the video. I am not a fan of Harry Potter movies (please don’t hate me potter fans) but I did watch the first two installments and instantly identified the guy in the music video to be Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint). The video has an interesting concept where Rupert plays a crazed fan of Ed Sheeran — watch the video below!

Having heard the entire album, I must say that his style comes close to that of Jason Mraz. Just listen to the song You Need Me, But I Don’t Need You and you’ll hear the resemblance. Still, Ed Sheeran managed to impose his own unique style partly because of his British accent that is evident in most of his songs. Other notable tracks to check out are The A TeamDrunk, and UNI.

I like the album and would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes singer-songwriter style of music. For more of Ed Sheeran’s music, click on the link below.

8 thoughts on “Music Review: Ed Sheeran – + (Plus)

  1. Coincidentally, I saw the Lego House video the other day and I kind of panicked because I thought Rupert Grint can sing and changed his name over to “Ed Sheeran”. It wasn’t until the end that I got the concept and I calmed down and realized I like his voice. 😀 Great post! 🙂

    PS. I forgive for not being a Potter fan but seriously, why not?!! ; )

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