Of Forewords and Ironies

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“I don’t believe in reviews.”

 A friend of mine who was also a fellow school writer once told me this way back in college. We were talking about movie and book reviews. It was ironic because we were also writing reviews for the university paper that time.

I agree with what she meant though. You must really experience the movie or the book yourself to be able to judge if it is good or bad. It’s as simple as that.

But here I am, about to write a “review”.

Isn’t that ironic?

Don’t you think?

And before I go Alanis Morisette, let me set things clear.

Whatever I write here are not the gospel truth. Because we all know that truth is relative and there is no absolute truth (what?). These are just recommendations and our opinions. I’m just blogging about things that I love. I have no intention of curbing the minds of people to read a certain comic book or otherwise. This is just a blog.


T.A.P., The Alternative Project, was conceived because we, the bloggers, wanted to have a venue where we’ll share our thoughts about things that we are most interested in like music, literature, comic books, art, films, and places. This is our “alternative” outlet from all the craziness at work and graduate school.

That’s’ it! No deep desires of making it big as bloggers (but it will not hurt if you spread the word about us). This is not a money making scheme (unless someone offers us triple of what we are earning now with our regular jobs just to blog). No hidden political agendas, no subliminal messages, no BS. Just three bloggers writing about what they’re passionate about.

Think of it as an open mic night. We’ll do whatever we want to do regardless of what people will say. Hope you enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy writing them.

And with that, I end my foreword.


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